Call to Action in Illinois

I am asking that we voice our stance to our elected officials. Our Bishop, along with his brother bishops in IL, have spoken out against these bills. I present to you easy links and steps for action and information. Here’s what I am asking us to do and to consider:

Action Alert: CALL (more effective than writing) your elected officials- tell them to VOTE NO to the “Reproductive Health Act” which includes:

House Bill 2467 & Senate Bill 1594:
Repeals Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act
This current law requires a parent or legal guardian be notified when a minor seeks an abortion. It includes a waiver for children who have been physically or sexually abused. The law was passed in 1995 but not implemented until 2013, when the Illinois Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in favor of it.

House Bill 2495 & Senate Bill 1942:
Repeal the current state ban on partial-birth abortions.
Defines abortion as a fundamental right.
Removes abortion clinics from regulations for serious medical procedures.
Removes the requirement that only doctors can perform abortions.
We are studying the bill for further impact.
Use the pre-composed emails to contact your state House and Senate lawmakers and urge them to vote “NO” on HB 2467, SB 1594, HB 2495 & SB 1942.

Prayer: Please pray for the safety of the unborn and their families, and the conversion of hearts for all elected officials so that they might advocate for life. Ask the Lord how He is calling you to pray, fast and act.

Need help finding your legislators or more information?  Here are some useful links: