Third Sunday of Easter

Today on the third Sunday of Easter we pick up the Gospel moment right from where we left off last Sunday. It is a continuation of the eyewitness account of the Resurrection. The disciples on the road to Emmaus had an encounter with the Risen Lord. They did not recognize Him even as He walked with them. It was not until the breaking of the bread, the moment of worship where their eyes were opened.

In today’s first reading from scripture we hear from the actually apostles. Peter reminds the people that they chose for Jesus to be crucified. They chose to have a murderer Barnabas released instead of Jesus. This is a stark reminder that we make bad decisions. Many times we do not choose God. We choose some thing else. We choose some thing that is not good.

This reading placed along side today’s Gospel is a clear message of choice. Where do we find God? Where do we choose to find God? What do we allow to be present in our hearts? Do we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by fear and anxiety? Do we have troubled hearts? Or in the midst of fear and anxiety, do we invite the risen Lord to be present? In the midst of fear and anxiety do we seek to see God present in scripture and in our prayer?

The cause of our fear may not change. However if we include God in what we are thinking and feeling, then we will be better off. We will be opening ourselves to His presence and grace. This is not always easy to do. We can be blinded to God‘s presence by our life circumstance. It is like the song amazing grace. I was blind. Blind to God caring or being active in our lives. But now I see. This indicates that the person now sees God active in his life

Today let us receive Holy Scripture. Let us receive the witness accounts. Let us again know that Christ is Risen. He comes to us in the midst of our life circumstance. He comes to us in the very moment when we feel most alone. God is with us. Today let us see him present in our lives. May we always be able to proclaim and sing out loudly, now I see now I see – unending love, amazing Grace

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