Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday!! It is the holiest day of the entire year!! It is the day that we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!!

As we hear Peter tell us in our first Reading from the Acts of the Apostles – this is the day that Jesus fulfills all the promises of the prophets. This is the day that allows forgiveness for all sins in the name of Jesus.

What a true and powerful and joyful proclamation we hear from Peter in the Acts of the Apostles.

What a wonderful transformation for Peter. Recall that this very same man denied Jesus three times. Recall that Peter promised Jesus that he would never abandon Him. That he would even lay down his life if necessary in order to be loyal to Jesus. Recall that when Peter was afraid and being questioned by the authorities, Peter immediately lied and abandoned Jesus.

Of course Jesus forgave Peter. And Peter did not remain in a state of shame or sorrow. Peter had his own transformation of grace granted by Jesus Christ. Peter went from fear-filled lies to joyful proclamation about Jesus.

This movement of heart and spirit in Peter gives hope for the rest of us. We often make promises to God that we do not keep. It is the story of the Old And New Testament. Over and over the people of God do not keep their promises to God. And over and over God forgives. Over and over God calls us to lift up our spirits and live in the highest state of grace and joy and peace.

So this day on Easter Sunday, we are lifted up. St Paul tells us that we are raised with Christ. We hear this in our second reading today. If there is anything in your life or in your spirit that is keeping you down, allow yourself to be raised with Christ. Allow yourself to know that you have a God who died for you. You have a God who forgives you. You have a God who loves you. Let us rejoice and be glad. And let us be raised with Christ.

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